The imagevideo is becoming more and more important. Whether as a company, brand or product, the first impression is decisive. The corporate image is essential for existing customers, new customers and for employees. Your own image is therefore not only a tool for company positioning and new customer acquisition, but also for recruiting new employees.

“An imagevideo improves your SEO optimization”

Google is the largest search engine in the world. The second largest search engine is YouTube and has been part of Google since 2006. Both platforms work closely together and if a YouTube video is linked to your homepage you get much better results in order to find you on Google. So in order to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and the Google ranking of your own homepage, an image film on the YouTube video platform is essential.

  • Format: Imagefilm
    Client: Dohrmann


  • Director: Tim Neiser
  • DoP: Christian Mario Löhr
  • AC: Ernesto Sosa
  • PA: Ann Casarin
    OB: Fabian Anger
    Gaffer: Jeff Schaul, Yakob El Deeb

    Grip: Sarah Kramer
  • Post: Neiser Filmproduktion
  • Color Grading: Julia Hütsch
  • Voiceover: Tom Zahner
    Darsteller: Hamza Kouta, Ludwig Albers