The Lost Choir

Every 3 seconds the world loses a child due to hunger, disease and contaminated water. To highlight this fact on Universal Children’s Day, the Wuppertaler Kurrende Boy’s Choirperformed Mad World in front of an unsuspecting audience. During the performance a singer left the stage every 3 seconds until only one boy was left to deliver the message to a stunned audience.

  • Format: Mood Video
  • Client: International Children’s Fund
    Business Sector: Charities, Foundations, Volunteers 


  • Agency: Grey Germany GmbH
    : Parasol Island
  • Director: Tim Neiser
    Producer: Kim Düsselberg
    AD: Michael Kucharski
    CD: Mark Hendy / Neil Elliot
    Copywriter: Dominik Janning
    Chief Creative Officer: Roland Vanoni
    FFF-Producer: Anne Plausch
    DOP: Tim Neiser, Lukas Remie
    Edit: Denis Guth
    Soundtrack: Mad World