Zeiss ZX1

„The first-class image quality of a full format camera, the user-friendliness of a smartphone.“

To this day, Zeiss stands for high-quality optics for camera lenses, but also for eyeglass lenses and microscopes. We had the honor of shooting the first prototypes of the first Zeiss photo camera for our trade show film. With this camera concept, Zeiss is taking the first step towards giving photographers new possibilities: Capturing, editing, sharing in one device.

The Langen Foundation in Neuss served as the filming location: On the site of a former rocket station there is now a modern, abstract building with clear lines. Among other things, a Fisher dolly was used to enable smooth camera movements.

The video serves primarily as a presentation film. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use as trade fair film at trade fairs.

  • Format: Commercial
  • Client: Zeiss

Film crew

  • Agency: Grey Düsseldorf
  • Production: NEW ID
  • Director: Tim Neiser
  • Executive Producer: Gitte Schilly
  • Producer: Ina Hubbert
  • DOP: Max Hüttermann
  • Assistent: Karsten Jäger
  • DIT/Video OP: Max Pieper
  • Gaffer: Peter Joppen
  • Electrician: Kris Willner
  • Make-Up/Styling: Ann Wiedorn
  • Art Department: Marion Seul
  • Driver: Leo Schirdewahn
  • Postproduction: Pirates ‘N Paradise