Dritan Alsela

Dritan Alsela, a passionate coffee barista, has become very well known through his YouTube videos in a very short time and reaches over one million fans and subscribers with his YouTube channel. He now travels all over the world to share his love of coffee and his “latte art” techniques. In his lectures and workshops he passes on his knowledge to those who would like to become baristas.

On the occasion of the opening of his own barista school in the heart of Düsseldorf we produced a video trailer. The video shows the basic steps of coffee preparation in fast edited picture settings, underlaid with sound effects and video cuts, which skillfully show his passion as a barista and trainer.

  • Format: Video Trailer
  • Client: Dritan Alsela

Film crew

  • Production: Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf
  • Producer: Mariette Zantow
  • Director/DOP: Tim Neiser
  • Assistent: Ann Casarin
  • Postproduction: Lucas Heider