Converse x Born & Raised

„Born & Raised“

Converse expresses with this image film the urban style as a fashion line: Self-confident, expressive and a bit rough. This way the target group is addressed even more specifically.
The director and cameraman Tim Neiser met the actor Marco Gurrieri in a coffee store in Düsseldorf. Today Gurrieri is a very talented photographer and cyclist.

Gurrieri’s charisma fits perfectly to this mood film, Neiser said. His past with many strokes of fate makes him especially suitable for this campaign of Converse. But even “The Great Kobayashi”, from whom the music originated, did not have a conflict-free past. His American style emphasizes the urban setting.

This mood film was shot within 2 days.

  • Format: Mood Video
  • Client: Converse

Film crew

  • Production: Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf
  • Director/DOP: Tim Neiser
  • Editing: Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf
  • Assistent: Ann Caserin Widern
  • Music: The Great Kobayashi
  • Actor: Marco Gurrieri