Productvideo - Maurino Watches

New product video. The young German watch company “Maurino Watches” stands for elegant and minimalist design. The new collection includes a large selection of wristwatches for men and women.

All models are characterized by precise handwork and a timeless understatement, which is reflected in each watch.

In order to position “Maurino Watches” in the market, Maurino has opted for a modern marketing and distribution strategy and uses Influencer to market its watch models in the social media channels.
On the occasion of the launch of the new website, we shot a mood film that shows the entire product range in various everyday situations.

  • Format: Mood Film – Product video
  • Client: Maurino

Film crew

  • Production: Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf
  • Producer: Aydin Ince
  • Director/DOP: Tim Neiser
  • Assistent: Tobias Stief
  • Postproduction: Lucas Heider
  • Sound: Skanoir