Paulina – Portrait-Film

„The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.“

Product designer Paulina Neiser is in New York in search of inspiration, impressions and especially interesting people and their personalities. New York with its many different cultures serves Paulina as a look beyond the horizon to apply the influences in product design.
In workshops she learned about user experience in practical application. In the New York environment she used professional equipment of the institution to try out product design. Paulina takes a lot of new ideas for new projects from American city life.

  • Format: Portrait-Film

Film crew

  • Director & Cinematography: Tim Neiser
  • Color Grading: Julia Hütsch – Pirates’n Paradise
  • Music & Sound Design: Jonathan Wulfes
  • VO Artist: Chloe Taylor
  • Text: Tim Neiser
  • Talent: Paulina Neiser
  • Production & Editing: Neiser Filmproduktion