IPO-Film Trivago

trivago is specialized in internet-related hotel search engine. trivago finds out the best pricings for hotels, ‘bed and breakfasts’ or hostels out of the variety of different booking pages . The company is one of the fast growing companies and most successful start-up in Germany.

Neiser Production was asked to create an image film in order to support their initial public offering (IPO) in December 2016. The goal was to capture the company’s spirit, its story of success and their ambitious employees.

With ten film crew members, nine days of shooting, two Arri Alexa cameras, one Red Dragon second unit camera and many days of postproduction, we finally handed out this IPO image film, which includes all necessary information and insides for their investors.  

The IPO image film was released to potential investors during the US road show at the end of 2016 and provided to the press after their initial public offer at the beginning of 2017. 

Format: Image Film – IPO-Film
Client: Trivago
Production: Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf
Director: Tim Neiser
Dop: Claire Jahn, Brenden Uffelmann, Sebastian Lautenbach, Christian Loehr
Assistent: Thomas Michael Heller
Grip: Jens Meiners, Konrad Zimmermann
Hair/Make-up: Ann Caserin
Rent: Cinegate Köln, CamCar Düsseldorf
Camera Equipment: Arri Alexa, Alexa Mini, Red Dragon
Post Production: Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf
Animation: Michael Fröhlich, Joel Rieger
Color: Max Hüttermann
Sound: Moritz Minhöfer, Jule Buerjes , Michael Geck, Julian Jankowski
Sound Mix: Michael Kube, Matthew Morgan, Justus Großkreutz