Imagefilm Production

An imagefilm production is an advertising and portraiting summary of a company, product or brand. The origin of the image film comes from the cooperate film, which is more simple, has an explanatory structure and differs significantly from the further developed image film.
The video format is perceived differently by the viewers as, for example, the print and text media. Contrary to posters or articles, the filmmaker has the possibility to combine picture and sound and can determine the tempo, as well as the dramaturgy. This allows the audience to control the message in a controlled manner.

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The moving picture has now become one of the most important communication media through the many facets and possibilities. It is the most powerful tool to quickly and comfortably convey emotionalized information to the customer.

The Neiser Filmproduktion expert team develops individual Imagfilm concepts which are precisely tailored to the respective company and the needs of their customers.