Road-Movie Trivago

Since end of 2016, trivago has been listed on the stock market. Two weeks before the actual stock exchange it is a common practice to attract potential investors by a “roadshow” in order to give them the possibility to buy shares before the stock exchange starts. The interest of investors and their investments ultimately determine the entry price of the shares. Large banks like JPMorgan carried out 
the preparation, the consultation and the handling of the so-called “roadshow”.

Neiser Production was also involved in the creation of the “roadshow” film after the realization of the successful trivago IPO film. The production tour started in New York. Within two weeks the film and trivago crew traveled through the United States. With the help of a chartered private jet, the crew was able to visit nine cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago within a short period of time and recorded the final stock exchange at NASDAQ on Times Square in New York.