Photography at Neiser Filmproduktion

Our expertise lies not only in moving images, but also in photography. Various projects of photography have become our heart projects.


London Essenz tim Neiser Filmproduktion abstract art photo foto Kunst aerial shots Luftaufnahmen Düsseldorf

Our photography project, which abstractly combines world-famous places. Under the name “Essence” we produce these impressive prints in large format. Weiterlesen

Photo Series

tim Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf new York film photo foto art streetart photography

This photo series was taken in New York: Tim Neiser captured people in their everyday life. He placed special emphasis on the authenticity of the situations. Weiterlesen


neiser filmproduktion düsseldorf imagefilm werbefilm video film luftaufnahmen aerial shots flugzeug clips luftaufnahme

Due to an in-house flying license we are able to produce aerial photographs with a Cessna 172. We produce aerial photographs by drone, helicopter or airplane.
We offer any kind of aerial photography over Germany from different airspaces. With professional equipment such as a shotover system, there are no limits to the customer’s wishes. Weiterlesen