Motion-Design - Chateauform City

Chateauform City is a company from France that offers seminar houses in impressive and historical accommodation. 

The concept is to offer events and seminars in very special properties with a familiar atmosphere. The founder Jacques Horovitz established Chateauform in 1996 at Neuville Bosc im Département Oise. Since then almost every year new seminar houses and campus locations where opened in France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and Italy. 

This year for the first time Chateauform disclosed different event locations all over Germany. For their launch at the Andreas Quartier in the center of Düsseldorf they hired Neiser Production to create a motion design imagefilm to showcase their new premises to their new clients in Germany.

  • Format: Image Film – Motion Design
  • Client: Chateauform City

Film crew

  • Production: Neiser Film Produktion
  • Producer: Tim Neiser
  • Director: Tim Neiser
  • Motion Designer: Maximilian Fraundorfer
  • Postproduction: Lucas Heider
  • Text: Maximilian Fraundorfer
  • Voice-Over: Tom Zahner
  • Audio-Mix: Audioversum