Imagefilm Production

An image film production is an advertising and portraying summary of a company, a product or a brand. The origin of the image film comes from the industrial film, which differs clearly from the further developed image film by its simple and explanatory structure.

The video format is perceived differently by viewers than, for example, print and text media. In contrast to posters or articles, the filmmaker has the possibility to combine image and sound and can determine the tempo and dramaturgy. This makes it possible to bring the viewer closer to the message in a controlled way. Due to its many facets and possibilities, the moving image has become one of the most important communication media today. It is the most powerful instrument when it comes to conveying emotionalized information to the customer quickly and conveniently.

The Neiser Filmproduction team of experts develops individual image film concepts, which are tailored to the respective company and the needs of its customers. Every image film is as unique as the customer himself. That’s why we are in constant contact with our clients to produce the best results for them.

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