Porsche GT3RS

„What brings us ahead is the aim to get better.“

With its 520HP the rear engine of the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS accelerates it in 10.6 seconds to 200km/h. Performance increase and optimization up to perfection. This campaign deals with the topic “saving time”. We had great support from the production company New ID.

Within 3 shooting days we were able to capture the super sports car on a former military site next to the airport Weeze. Along former aircraft bunkers the Porsche dashed through the scenery. It burned up a one set of racing tires.

Film crew

  • Director: Tim Neiser
  • DOP: Max Hüttermann
  • AD: Manuel Szulecki
  • Assistent: Ann-Lena Wiedorn
  • Gaffer: Konrad Zimmermann
  • Sound: Moritz Minhöfer
  • Postproduction: Neiser Filmproduktion
  • Color: Max Hüttermann
  • Text: Olaf Ebeling
  • Voice: Tom Zahner
  • Music: JW
  • Sounddesign: Moritz Minhöfer
  • Driver: Bernhard Randel
  • Production Company: NEW ID
  • Producer: Gitte Schilly
  • PA: Dirk Finken
  • Runner: Moritz Tellmann