Kanzlei Hoffmann Liebs

The willingness for change is the first step.
The idea the essence, the implementation decisive.

Recognising new potential and shaping the here and now. Staying in motion and serving as a role model.
We know where we come from and specifically the course we want to follow.

Our strong foundation creates the necessary freedom to act independently and flexibly.
We are experienced partners, providing guidance. Specialised, strategic, comprehensive in our expertise.

Together we reach important decisions and make a sustainable contribution for the next generation because only by acting sustainably is it possible to develop the necessary vision for the right strategy.
Always one step ahead.

Hoffmann Liebs
Your Partner in Law

  • Format: Imagefilm
  • Kunde: Hoffmann Liebs


  • Produktion: Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf
  • Regisseur: Tim Neiser
  • AD: Fabian Klein
  • Kameramann: Christian Maria Löhr
  • AC: Ernesto Sosa
  • Gaffer: Fabian Anger
  • Best Boy: Sarah Kamer
  • Best Boy: Fabian Rieke
  • Edit: Luk Müller
  • Color Grading: Julia Hütsch
  • Musik: Jonathan Wulfes
  • Voice Over: Hoffmann Liebs