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Tim Neiser

Tim Neiser is an award winning director from Düsseldorf, Germany. At an early age he started collecting different work experiences in film productions like Parasol Island and Media Picture Group, became the youngest attendent at Heinrich-Heine-Filmfestival in 2001, then studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in 2008 and finished his Bachelor of Arts at the FHD in 2013. During his studies he became self-employed as a director and loves what he does eversince.

Tim’s work reflects the combination of authentic storytelling and highly aesthetic images, that arouse the right emotions by its viewer. He worked for clients like Aldi, Atlantis Hotel Dubai, Loco Dice, L’Oreal, Mazda, McNeal, Obi, Seat, Syoss, Trivago, Tom Tailor, Zeiss.

One of his greatest accomplishments were projects with the Dalai Lama, various viral hits and award winning spot like „The Seat Taxi Fare“, „The Lost Choir“ and „A world away from your everyday“. Besides his career as a filmmaker Tim Neiser enjoys photography, art and aviation.