Covid-19 Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf

Covid-19 also affects our creative industry. Our film production has developed a hygiene and safety concept to ensure that our productions can continue to run smoothly without any concerns. We have adapted our structures and processes so that personal contacts are minimized in order to interrupt chains of infection.

Many of our processes have been converted to online media. Preproduction meetings are mostly held via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft teams. In this way, we avoid personal encounters from the outset and are at the same time flexible in terms of location. Acceptance by the customer also does not take place in our offices, but is carried out online.

During production on set, masks are mandatory, and a safe distance must be maintained. Employees with typical symptoms are not allowed to participate in the production on location. The present crew is recorded in crew lists with times, if necessary we will carry out a temperature measurement.


So as a customer you need not have any concerns: Despite Covid-19 we can continue our productions and accept new orders.

If you have any questions about film production during the pandemic, please contact us here.