Covid-19 Neiser Filmproduktion Düsseldorf

The infectious disease COVID-19 was caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Appropriate countermeasures are required to prevent the virus from spreading quickly. We in the film industry have developed new security concepts and hygiene rules for our productions so that we can protect our customers and employees from the virus as best as possible during the entire film production.

The virus is primarily transmitted via droplet infection – i.e. when speaking, sneezing or coughing – and when there is little distance from other people. In our offices, studios or on location, there is a strict FP2 mask and distance requirement. Our concepts, agreements, as well as feedback and project approvals take place exclusively online. The selection of our team and cast are to be reduced to a minimum for the respective projects. Every person on the set is informed about the new safety concept and hygiene rules and registered with a list with name, address, telephone number, time, date and the respective department. Rooms and equipment must be ventilated and disinfected at regular intervals.

We recommend that you take a temperature measurement before the start of production and we reserve the right to request an up-to-date PCR test from everyone involved in the project. Employees and customers with typical symptoms, such as aching limbs, cough or fever or a positive corona test, are prohibited from participating in any on-site production.

If you have any questions about film production during the pandemic, please contact us here.